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10044 - TBR Basher Front Bumper - ARRMA Nero 6S

10044 - TBR Basher Front Bumper - ARRMA Nero 6S

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Part Number:10044
  • Assembly Hardware: 2-M3x10, 2-M4x14 FHS 2-M3 LN, 2-M4 LN
  • Mounting Hardware: 2-M4x20, 2-M3x30 FHS, 2-6x10mm ALS
The BASHER for the Arrma Nero 6S is a 3 piece unit that will come fully assembled. The Basher front bumper mounts to the diff at the two locations under the chassis plate and with 2 aluminum spacers just behind the differential on the chassis (See pictures).
This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Nero 6S:
  • One TBR Basher Front Bumper BOF R021
  • One TBR Front Bumper Skid FBS A112
  • One TBR Bumper Stiffener Brace R022
  • Mounting Hardware : Rear 1-M4x25, Front 1-M4x20, 2-M4x14, 2-M3x30, 2-M3x10 (FHS) * 2-M4, 2-M3 (LN) * 2-6x10mm AS
  • Lifetime warranty
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