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Covid-19 Update: T-Bone Racing Remains fully operational!
Covid-19 Update: T-Bone Racing Remains fully operational!

TBR XV4 2.0 Front Bumper - ARRMA Kraton 6S BLX

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SKU 100751
Color: Black
The TBR XV4 2.0 Front Bumper will give your Kraton unparalleled protection!
The XV4 2.0 is the 2018 update for the original XV4. We've changed up the brace and added a hinge pin block to replace the stock bumper. This new design is much more durable in all areas since the brace now mounts to the hinge pin block instead of mounting to the differential. The update also allows this bumper to mount to all versions of the Kraton and the Talion as well!
This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Kraton 6S / V2 / V3 2018 / V4 2019:
  • One TBR XV4 Front Bumper
  • One TBR XV4 Front Brace 
  • One TBR XV4 Hinge Pin Block
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product color examples:


YouTube Mounting Instructions





Kraton 6S BLX All Versions



Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Dam they nailed it lol

Great bumper stoop up to two months of none stop beating. Just wish they had a slight redesign to work with the new m2c front hing pin set front block doesn’t fit. But this has been one of the best basher bumpers and it didn’t snap like my rpm one lol


I like the design of this bumper from the looks to the mounting block that removes the stress from the differential case. The bumper did come pre-assembled and was very easy to install. I haven't run the truck with the bumper yet, so I can't comment on the durability at this time. Fingers crossed it holds up.

Two things that removed a star: Took over 2 weeks to get. I kind of heard about the long ship times before so it wasn't a huge surprise, but that's still quite long. Also, i ordered the red bumper thinking all of it would be red. Thats not the case. The front bars, mounting block, and small support are black. Only the large skid plate red. I dont care about the mounting block or small support, but I wish the bars were red. Not a huge deal, and not worth returning, but I think it should be explained in the description.

Tbones Always good

Can’t go wrong with tbone, May have an occasional problem but warranty issues are easy to deal with

Front Bumper Arrma Kraton 6s V4

This bumper should be the first upgrade anyone does. The stock one is woefully inadequate. This T-Bone is easy to install , has great coverage. I have nailed a couple obstacles at high rates of speed and have not experienced any chassis damage so far. Great product.

Good bumper, great service

Bashed this bumper hard and it took a beating. It finally gave up. But a simple online form and I had a new one on the way.

Next time I’m buying parts, I’ll start with T bone racing.