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TBR Guardian Front Bumper - Arrma Typhon 3S 4x4

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SKU 101001
Color: Black

The Guardian front bumper is one of our 4 new designs for the Typhon 3S.

Comes with TBR's lifetime warranty 


This listing comes with the following for Arrma Typhon 4x4 3S
  • One TBR Guardian Front Bumper
  • One TBR Hinge Pin Block
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good product

Over all the bumper its self has done great. The fit was very good. I would recommend. The only down side was the amount of time it took to receive. But since my order t-bone has done improvements to there stocking program. I believe shipping and receive will be much better on my next order.

Strong and durable

Withstood a head on curb hit that was hard enough to bend my motor mount. Awesome!!

Front bumper from Hell!

This thing is unbeatable, my wife and I has bash sessions usually about 2 times a week. We crash into each other, hit curbs, hit trees, I jump my Typhon, and I can't break this thing. Awesome product. Highly recommend it.

Surdy, a bit too much

1st impressions, this bumper checks all the boxes: Looks, durability and ease of installation.
I used it for roughly a month, light bashing on my truggy. It protects the shocks perfectly.
The material used in this bumper is very durable, a bit too much in my opinion.
I hit a tree, head on. I was at a bad angle and miscalculated. The bumper absorbed the impact and the sheer force of the crash made the body snap in half.
I honestly would have liked the bumper to crack and break off (for 10$ and minor work) than have to replace 80$ worth of parts and hours of work.
That being said, I understand this is 100% my mistake, I was going too fast in a tight area, but I never expected this to happen.
I recommend these bumpers, but more on the 6s versions were the chassis is in metal.

Guardian typhoon 3s bumper

This thing is AMAZING!! Me and my sons have total confidence we won’t break the a arms (again) when we run this. Did repeated nose dives from 6-8’ and just cartwheeled and kept going. Getting one for the back now.