10091 - TBR 3.0 Wheelie Bar Set - ARRMA Kraton / 6S / V2 / V3 2018



The 3.0 Wheelie Bar is the latest update to the original 10023 Custom Rear / Wheelie Bar. In this update we have added bumper mounting points to the hinge-pin block to maximize durability for the unit as a whole.

This set pulls double duty both as a bumper and a wheelie bar. The bumper portion extends out further than the standard rear bumpers and gives you more stability when pulling wheelies. The bumper is flexible and is made to run in the dirt as well as street. 

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Kraton / 6S / BLX / V2 / V3:
  • One TBR Custom Rear Bumper
  • One TBR Hinge-pin block
  • One TBR Rear Brace
  • One TBR Wheelie Bar
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product color examples:


YouTube Mounting Instructions

 Please note the video has not been updated for the 3.0 The only difference is 2 new mounting points for the bumper piece into the hinge-pin block.

Customer Reviews

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Good Product

Trying to get mid air control mastered, this saved my wing support countless times! Still changed broken wing supports 4 or 5 times but I am much better at landing than before, but that number would have been twice that I'm guessing had it not been for this wheelie bar/skid plate arrangement. Some of the landings, would hit this rather than the wing support. Very strong not had any issue only positive things to say.

Best wheelie bar for all 1/8 Arrma's!

I have a ton of R/C vehicles & use T-Bone parts on all of them. I bought one of the T-Bone wheelie bars for a V2 Kraton & it fit perfectly. Strong, direct fit & looks good, it also protects the rear chassis which is a huge bonus. The wheels take the abuse well. I like the lower height vs the stock "too high" bars, plus this takes a little pressure off of the stock shock towers & places it on the chassis where it should be. I also fitted this same bar on a Senton 6S, its PERFECT on that tank. Parts come with no instructions but there are many photos on each product which make adding them easy. I will be ordering more, thanks T-Bone!


Easy to install strong as advertised.

Kraton Basher Bumper

Excellent protection

Best upgrade for Kraton power

Man what can I say is it's a must have upgrade for that Kraton power.