T-Bone Racing's 2018 Skis are completely awesome and a must have if you want to have some fun in the snow!

We've made the steering fins adjustable so you can have a flat bottomed ski or extend the fins for better steering in powder snow. Don't underestimate the steering fins they do a phenomenal job at giving you control in the snow!

We have nearly doubled the surface area and increased the front and rear ski angle to keep your front end on top of the snow and not sinking or digging in!

Finally, we updated the Pivot Blocks to correct the Ski Camber and give better steering clearance.

We recommend using chains for your rear tires. Paddle tiresĀ are also a fantastic option!

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This listing comes with the following

  • One set of TBR Snow Skis
  • Lifetime Warranty
Compatible Vehicles:
  • Traxxas Rustler
  • Traxxas Bandit
  • Traxxas Slash 2WD
  • Traxxas Stampede 2WD
  • Traxxas Monster Jam MT

Product color examples:



Driving Tips:

For best snow driving fun use TBR Snow Skis in light snow up to 4 inches or on hard packed snow. Since the 1/10 2WD cars are very light, especially in the front end, they do not drive well in deeper, wet snow.Ā 

YouTube Mounting Instructions

62173 - TBR 2018 V3 Snow Skis - Traxxas 1/10 2WD

  • Price $34.99
  • MSRP MSRP $41.99