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TBR Mini-T Track Jump - Portable Race Track Segment - 85110

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Introducing the TBR Mini-T Race Track Segments!

This listing is for the Track Jumps

Pair these with the new Mini-T Race Track Rollers and you can assemble a full on mini racing course!

It is light weight, sturdy and collapsible for easy transport!

This listing is for the TBR Mini-T Track Jump.

The Mini-T Jumps dimensions are:

  • 37" Wide
  • 24" Long
  • 8" Tall

Listing comes with 1 Track Jump



 All TBR Ramps are Patent Pending




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jordan Robinson
Great product! Sturdy and TONS'o'FUN!!!

Very pleased with the sale/coupon/special price i paid for this ramp! I use it for other vehicles as well! Very simple, straight-forward assembly, super-durable, and provides hours and hours of fun for me and my daughter!! Great choice if you're into REALLY launching your Mini-T 2.0!!! Only problem i have is the nylock nuts are apparently rather "cheap", as every, oh...4-6 runs using ramp almost non-stop, i gotta tighten (usually) 3/4 of the nuts/bolts again, particularly the "adjustable" legs. Still, 5 stars!!n

Richard Code

I had to buy new screws. The 2 for the arms bent backwards.

Ryan Casey
Great Products. Awesome Customer Service.

Ordered the Guardian front bumper, the wheelie bar, and the skid plate for my Typhon 3s, and the mini ramp for my kids’ Losi Mini Bs. Everything is machined well, fits great, and works as it should. Good stuff!

There was an issue where my order went through but hadn’t been shipped after a week. I emailed and inquired. Jacob emailed me back quickly and explained they had a simple mixup and a machine went down. No biggie. It’s business. These things happen. I appreciated the candor and promptness by Jacob. Super happy with the products. I’ll be buying more TBR stuff in the future!

Jeremy Byron
Good but not great!

After a few weeks of use I’ve came to conclude that this is a great product! This jump works very well and gives the ability to move with ease. The only downside is the legs!!!! If you don’t lock tight them to your desired height they will move and come loose! If they would make a locking system or provide a better setup for the legs to stay in place, this would be the best small scale ramp for the $$! P.S. You can also launch 1/10 about 7-10ft in the air, but screw come loose real quick doing that.

Stanley Koizumi
perfect little ramp.

Perfect ramp. Easy to store wider than you would think to make launching off the ramp easy. You don't have to be perfectly lined up to launch off the ramp