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TBR Airtime Ramp - The portable RC jump built for bashers!

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We like to think of the AIRTIME Ramp as your very own launching pad to send your RC straight into orbit. Whether you're jumping over arches (we've done it) Jumping over cars (did that also) or launching your cars onto your house's rooftop (test in progress) This ramp will get you there.

This is the new V3 Design has a modified curve and we made the rails twice as thick to make the ramp even sturdier.

With this Hyperlite, adjustable and rugged design you can take it anywhere with any vehicle and have a blast! With 4 adjustments you can go from distance jumps to the tallest height for aerial tricks and the best bashing your RC has to offer! 

Height adjustments - 18” 23” 27” 29”

Width - 34 1/2”

Length - 51” +  15" for the transition plate 



All TBR Ramps are Patent Pending


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Serious Air time

I am a repeat customer at T-Bone racing and will continue to be. Everything I have purchased from them has been a quality product at a reasonable price and their customer service is 2nd to none. Unfortunately when I went to order this ramp they were completely out of stock or so said the website so I ordered two of the smaller ones. I emailed them and asked when they would be getting them back in stock and if they could notify me, much to my surprise they had one in back stock so they cancelled my other order and recognized the sale pricing that had expired and they always give me a military discount, you cannot beat that service anywhere. Thank you
T-Bone racing for the values that your company displays and you have a lifetime customer in me. I have read several other reviews on here about this ramp and according to a lot of them I must be doing something wrong because I have had no issues with mine and I use it with my X-Maxx mostly and as far as customer service goes I have had no issues and they even called me twice.

Great ramp but needs improvement

Its nice 34" wide ramp. But since design was changed by TBR i added extra side braces and also installed 4 rows of cross members and tie them up with "T" and "L" shape plates. Also installed different grip tape. Now is ready for 1/5th scale trucks

Great ramp for small cars and no customer service

Great ramp for little cars maybe 1/10 nothing bigger oh and I d say there customer service was horrible but they had none I mean no customer service u buy it it’s over no more help from them it’s sad they have some cool stuff


I have had the ramp a few months now and I really like it. I think the thing I like the most is it is adjustable. So far so good.

Badly built

First time i jump my kraton it bent. Not happy with it at all. JUNK!!!! WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY AGAIN