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TBR Airtime Ramp 4.0 - The portable RC jump built for bashers!

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4.0 Airtime Revision Updates:
Thicker aluminum and different angle used
(Prevents aluminum rails from bending)
Corner gussets added for stability 
(Attaches all aluminum together creating a solid form)
Changed deck attachment from rivet to bolt and nut.
(The deck now bolts down eliminating the pull out problem of the previous versions)

With this light, adjustable and rugged design you can take it anywhere with any vehicle and have a blast! With 4 adjustments you can go from distance jumps to the tallest height for aerial tricks and the best bashing your RC has to offer! 

Height adjustments - 18” 23” 27” 29”

Width - 34 1/2”

Length - 51” +  15" for the transition plate 



All TBR Ramps are Patent Pending


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
When you really want to SEND IT 🚀

Awesome ramp when you really want to SEND IT flying, light weight, easy to operate (about 5 minutes and your good to go) highly recommended and I'm pretty sure I will also buy the new version once it comes out.
T-Bone Racing rocks, from ramps to upgraded parts for my X-Maxx, all top notch products.

Its a ramp

So far seems built good has held up to my xmaxx well. I did bend the leg slightly but that was my fault as I hit it with an rc.

Was unable to assemble

I was excited to order the T-Bone Airtime ramp. When it came, upon assembly, several of the holes did not line up properly. You can see in the picture below an example of how on one of the braces, the hole was fixed before shipping, but none of the others were. I reached out to customer service multiple times to ask them about fixing it myself without voiding any type warranty, or to have the parts replaced, and got no response. For the price you pay to purchase this ramp, you should not have to fix anything before you can even use it. My review will be edited if I can finally get a response, and get this working properly.

Edit: Customer service contacted me and have offered to replace the parts. Review changed from 1, to 4 stars.

the Jump

what is not to like about a very well built RC jump.

Fun as could be and great customer service!

OK, so I ordered my ramp a couple weeks ago when it got here it didn't have the legs or hardware. I made one single attempt at calling customer service and they was almost overly apologetic and within the hour I had tracking info for my legs and hardware. 2 day priority express insured shipping. That's a+ in my book but that's not all. Usps really messed up somewhere (as they normally do). I got my express shipment 2 days late. Tbone was in touch with me through the whole process and when it was finally delivered they offered me 20% off the whole store on my next order! Usps failed as usual but I'm 100% satisfied with how tbone handled everything! Great service and great product first real bash with it went amazing with the traxxas maxx