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Rear A-Arm A-Skid Set- Traxxas X-Maxx

SKU 621123
Color: Blue

The Traxxas X-Maxx was built for bashing and that means driving it through copious amounts rocks and brush which is known to wreak havoc on shocks and driveshafts.

T-Bone Racing has a sleek solution this need of protection. Our A-Skids offer great protection from rocks lodging into your driveshafts and extend upwards to protect the lower shock mounts as well.

This listing comes with following for the Traxxas XMaxx:

  • One TBR Rear Left A-Skid 
  • One TBR Rear Right A-Skid 
  • Two TBR Front Backer Plates 

Product color examples:


YouTube Mounting Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

These skid plates work good they protect the A arms from getting beat up but they do catch blades of grass in them easy to put on l did have to drill holes in them so l could get to the bottom shock screw T bone racing might want to think about doing that.


Just superb functionality and design.

Awesome add on

So I was running in relatively fresh cut grass and kept getting grass wrapped around my axles just in the rear so I figured these might help out some. So I gave them a shot and they worked great. I feel they also strengthin the arm. Now recently I went to a super fresh cut field that was wet and there was nothing you do to prevent the long grass from getting wrapped around everything so it's not an end all solution. But im most likely ordering the fronts to match soon. I've beaten the crap out of these things and I'm glad I have them. I must say tho, I'm a basher not a rock crawler and I don't bash on rocks but I feel like they would hold up great if I was. The best best part is they secure with nuts instead of threading into a plate like some of their other designs. My friends have the revos and they say they strip out during install with little to no effort. Now installing these things was a pain but totally worth it. Just tight clearances. Probably could have saved myself a good headache if I just took the arms off to install them now that I think about it. Oh well. A+ for functionality. I give it a C for looks bc it doesn't come in green.

A arm skids

Completes the full protection for chassis battle ready handles rocks curbs and all other debris