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62184 - TBR Wheelie Bar Set- Traxxas 2.0 E-Revo

SKU 621841
Color: Black
Our Wheelie bar set is a 4 piece set. The bottom skid mounts to chassis at six locations; four at supplied stainless steel standoffs and two at the rear skid plate mounts.
We use Delrin blocks that mount to the rear bulkhead for extra mounting points on the bumper and also allow you to still utilize your sway bars.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas 2.0 E-Revo:
One TBR Wheelie Bar 
One TBR Stand Off Block
One TBR Brace Block 
One TBR Rear Brace
Lifetime warranty
Note: Does not fit on the 1/10 1.0 E-Revo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Armour kit for the E Revo 2.0

Bought the chassis, front and rear protection along with the front bumper and wheely bar. Rapid despatch and delivery to the UK and after a bit of head scratching found the instructions on installation for the chassis armour and wheely bar.
Once installed out for a blast and definitely does the job protecting the E Revo from damage to wish bones and front impacts and the wheely bar seemingly indestructible compared to the Traxxas version. Only issue I have had was a rear wishbone protector getting tucked under the chassis plate locking up the travel until it was freed off. Only other issue is the wishbones are dirt traps but detailing is all part of the fun.

I like to ride a goat

I advise additionally lubricate the wheel bearings

Works great!

If you don't have one of these you will miss your wing after it's ripped off. Great addition to my E-Revo 2.0

Better than stock

Can't fall off. Very nice

Unfortunately I didn't like the product ...

I really needed a boost in my e-Revo 2.0 but unfortunately in that case T-bone couldn't help me.

I used a similar T-Bone product on my 1/16 e-Revo that was perfect for increasing the car's endurance, but it didn't happen in 2.0 ... In the first use, the wheelie bar came off. Ok, I didn't buy the product for that but I was upset that it didn't last a single jump.
But what made it impractical to use the product is that the bolts that hold the t-Bone part in the cart align with this over-chassis. That is, as the chassis drags on the floor, the screws are sanded that lose the hexagonal holes. This has already happened on the first use of this chassis protector. I don't know what to do now to disassemble the part because the hex wrench no longer fits the screws. If these screws got lower (in holes like Traxxas originally does in the chassis) you would not have this problem of premature wear.
This screw head wear also happened on the front chassis protector that I installed along with the one on the rear.

Anyway, the idea is good, the material is great but needs adjustment to the project.