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62135 - Front A-Skids for RPM Front A-Arms - Traxxas X-Maxx

SKU 621351
Color: Black

For RPM Front A-Arms

Our Front ASkids (A-Arm Skids) protect the bottom of your RPM A-Arms and also provide some protection for the lower shock bodies.

This listing comes with the following for the Traxxas X-Maxx

1. One Left TBR Front ASkid for RPM left front A-Arms - L001

2. One Right TBR Front ASkid for RPM right front A-Arms - L002

3. Two TBR Front ASkid Backers for RPM front A-Arms - Y193 (2x)

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Customer Reviews

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Great product, non existing customer support

First of all, I really like TBR products. The quality is great, I decked out my Losi Super Rock Rey in TBR-parts, and now the XMaxx. I accidentally ordered the a-arm skid plates for the RPM-arms instead of the stock traxxas arms. I noticed my error on the same day and contacted customer support both by email and by contact form, asking them to change the order. I never got a response. When I received the shipment notification 10 days later I wrote another mail, but no response. Now I have parts I cannot use, and the fees for a return shipment and customs are too much to make it a reasonable option. The product deserves 5/5. If anyone from TBR read some this, maybe you can help? Thanks!


High quality gear at a good price

Best protection for my xmaxx

Ahirt but true.... I broke a stock a arm with a kittle crash i put rpm a arm on and a tbone shield and well my daughter smashed it good and nothinf broke.... Also love how they protect the driveshafts feom rock flying through the a arms

62135 front a skids for rpm front a arms traxxas x maxx

62135 front a skids for rpm front a arms traxxas x maxx