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About us

About Us

T-Bone Racing was founded out of a metal fabrication shop in outside of El Cajon, CA in April of 2004. 

In the front yard track of TBR founder, Rich Grafton, Rich was racing RC's with his kids and their friends when the idea struck him. They had spent much of their time not racing, but in the shop replacing broken parts. Thinking that there had to be a way to protect their cars, Rich stated "I'm going to make a bumper." His kids were skeptical to say the least but Rich proceeded anyway. Coming from a welding and fabricating background he was able to make a bumper for his Team Losi XXT. After a few test runs he found that he had stopped breaking front end parts almost all together, so he made a second bumper for the Duratrax Evader ST which turned out to share the same hole pattern as the XXT. After he had made bumpers for most of their fleet Rich made another statement "I'm going to sell one of these bumpers." So onto ebay he went and the first XXT Bumper was sold on April 24 2004.

After the first bumper, he sold another, then another. Realizing there was a need in the hobby for quality protection for cars he kept on making more bumpers for more cars and the official business of T-Bone Racing was born.

To this day our goal remains to provide the best protection for the cars of the everyday bashers, racers, crawlers and weekend warriors across the world.

We firmly believe that you should be able to drive your cars for as long as your batteries hold their charge with the confidence that they are protected from all manner of crashes and bashes both accidental and let's just say "Less than accidental"

There you have it a brief glimpse into TBR's origins. With that, have a great day and keep on bashing. -Nick Grafton

T-Bone Racing’s Mission Statement

We believe in our goals to provide our customers with a positive R/C experience and going above and beyond what is expected. We provide a service and that means the customer comes first. 
T-Bone Racing is a manufacturer of aftermarket bumpers, skids and wheelie bars.
All of our parts are cut out on CNC or Waterjet machines and are hand finished.
The goal of T-Bone Racing is to provide you, the R/C enthusiast, with quality products that will increase your run time at the track or your play time at your local bashing spot.
We do not strive merely to sell bumpers but to keep you on the track or bashing as long as your battery pack has life. R/C driving should be just a fun, engaging experience;
Not just constantly having to buy and install replacement parts.