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Warranty Program

What is the TBR warranty policy? 

2021 Warranty Update

The TBR warranty is now a 30 Day Limited Warranty.

All Nylon TBR parts will now have a 30 day warranty starting from the day you receive your order.


TBR Upgrade/Replacement Program for parts ordered before Jan 26th 2021

If you purchased a TBR product before January 26th 2021 and you have broken your product you can still file a warranty claim. If your claim is deemed eligible you will receive a 30% on a complete product that includes the missing part. If product has been discontinued and a new version is available, you my substitute it.


Warranty Terms and Restrictions:

If you break a TBR Nylon product within the first 30 days of normal use we will replace the damaged product at no further cost to you.

TBR will not warranty a broken or damaged part if it has been modified in any way (or if the part breaks due to modifications elsewhere on the vehicle that directly affects the TBR part in question). This includes, but is not limited to, drilling, grinding, filing, etc., nor will we warranty any part that has been worn out through extended use and / or abuse. Crushed or melted parts of any sort will not be covered. If your TBR part’s bend is not correct please contact us, we have solutions for repairing bend angles on our bumpers. Please use common sense to determine if breakage was caused by a materials or manufacturing issue. 


TBR reserves the right to final judgment regarding all warranty issues. 

Failures directly attributable to parts not made by TBR: If a TBR part becomes unusable due to the failure of a part not produced by TBR, the failure is considered unwarrantable. Failures in this category include but are not limited to; failures due to bent or broken hinge pins, shock shafts, axles, screws, pivot balls, seized, damaged or worn out bearings and damage caused to TBR parts by trying to remove faulty or damaged parts, hardware, etc. not produced by TBR.


Screw Holes: TBR has no control over the type of hardware installed into the mounting holes nor do we have control over the amount of torque used to install the hardware onto our products. Due to these and other limiting factors, we do not normally cover any type of screw holes under the provisions of our warranty. Nearly all of the problems we have encountered regarding stripped screw holes in an TBR part come from not reading and following the instructions, over-torqued threads, customer modified parts, using the wrong hardware or using the wrong tools to install the hardware.

Included Hardware: Screws, ball bearings, nuts, washers, or any metal hardware included in any TBR package are not protected under TBR warranty provisions nor is damage to a TBR product due to a failure of included hardware considered warrantable.

Discontinued Products: TBR cannot warranty products that are no longer supported or manufactured. We will do everything we can to supply a replacement part for a valid warranty request but if a damaged item has been discontinued and no longer supported by TBR, the warranty is considered void.

What You Need To Do: Fill out the Warranty Form to get your warranty process started. We will advise you on the next steps after that.


Return Shipping: Most postal services take some time to deliver your parts to us (7-10 working days in the continental U.S.) and TBR sends all returning product via the United States Postal Service so please be patient. We will send your valid warranty claim back to you as quickly as possible. Before contacting us to ask where your replacement part is, please refer to our normal operating hours. 

International Customers: Although we do warranty international orders. We charge a $9.95 USD Processing & Shipping Surcharge for all international warranties.


TBR Liability: TBR will only replace the original, damaged TBR product that has been determined to be covered under the provisions of this warranty. Any other products not produced by TBR that are damaged due to a failure of an TBR product are not the responsibility of TBR and will not be reimbursed or replaced under warranty guidelines. It is your responsibility to get the damaged TBR part in to us. We cannot be held liable for product that does not make it to us. 

TBR refers to “normal operating conditions” as normal use of a vehicle for an average user with an unmodified, stock vehicle. TBR parts that are damaged due to excessively tall jumps (or high falls), abnormally fast (or heavily modified) vehicles / runaway vehicles, or run-ins with full sized vehicles are not considered used under “normal operating conditions” and may not be covered under TBR warranty provisions, nor will TBR cover damage inflicted upon an TBR part due to the failure of other products not produced by TBR such as bent or broken hinge pins, shock shafts or axles, etc. Intentionally damaged parts will never be covered under warranty protection.