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TBR XV4 front bumper - Helion Select Four 10TR - 21024

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The XV4 Front Bumper / Chassis Brace / Servo Guard mounts under the chassis at six locations. You leave your stock front bumper on and can still use your LED lights. The bottom covers the servo and strengthens your chassis as well.

This listing comes with the following for Helion Select Four TR:
  • One TBR Chassis Brace FBS 
  • One TBR XV4 bof 
  • Two TBR Rods 
  • Weight - 2.6oz / 74 grams
Mounting Instructions:
Remove three M4 diff screws, 2 M3 screws behind servo.
Insert two 6x6mm aluminum spacers where the M3 screws were.
Insert one 3/16 x x3/16 aluminum spacer at the offset hole past the M3 screws.
Take the assembled XV4 bumper / chassis brace and insert two M3 x 20 flat head screws into the two holes that correspond to the two 6x6mm spacers sitting in the chassis.
Now align the two M3 screws so as to slip into the two 6x6mm aluminum spacers.
Start the screws into the chassis (do not tighten yet).
Start the three M4 x 14 flat head screws where the diff screws were.
Now tighten the rear M4 and then the two front M4 screws and proceed to the two M3 screws (do not over tighten)
Last- Place the one M3 x 14 flat head screw into the offset hole and thread the one M3 lock nut onto the screw from the inside of the chassis. Tighten.
You are done.

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