Warranty Program & Returns

The T-Bone Racing Warranty

T-Bone Racing offers an incredible lifetime warranty for nearly all of our T-Bone Racing brand products. 

Our NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty with a free replacement part of broken parts makes the TBR Warranty the BEST warranty in the entire RC industry!


How to file a warranty claim?

    Fill out the form below and we will get the process started!

Does it cost anything to get my TBR product warrantied?

All eligible parts are replaced for free, you simply pay a small flat fee of $4.95 to cover processing & shipping costs. 

The following parts are not warrantied:

  • Hardware
  • Delrin Skids
  • Discontinued Parts


I live outside of the US, can I get my product warrantied?

Yes, we warranty international orders. We charge a $9.95 USD Processing & Shipping Surcharge for all international warranties.

I lost my bumper, is it under warranty?
No. We do not replace lost or thrown-away bumpers."Hey, I lost my sunglasses in the river last week could you send me a new pair?" -You wouldn't ask any other manufacturer such a ludicrous question so we ask that you treat our company with the same amount of respect. 

My bumper broke, can I get it replaced with a different style?

No, bumper styles cannot be exchanged under warranty.

Wheel Warranty:

T-Bone Racing's Solid Black sealed bearing wheels have a 7 day replacement warranty. If your wheel breaks within 7 days of receiving your order we will send you a replacement wheel free of charge. We will not warranty lost wheels or wheels that were damaged in non standard use.

Fill out the warranty form to submit a wheel warranty request.


Returns & Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of receipt of your order.

Only completely unused and unmounted parts are eligible for returns.

Used and or broken parts cannot be sent back for a return and refund, eligible broken parts can be sent back for a warranty. 

T-Bone Racing can send a prepaid shipping label for all eligible returns. 

Contact sales@tboneracing.net if you wish to return or exchange an item.