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TBR 1/8 Wide Basher Rear Bumper -- ARRMA Kraton - Typhon - Talion 6S BLX - 10018

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This bumper has eclipsed legendary seller position and fits on all Arrma 6S vehicles!

 Our 1/8 Wide Basher rear bumper mounts under the chassis with four screws. This bumper is wider than our stock rear bumper.

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Kraton / 6S / V2 / V3 2018 / V4 2019, Talion 6S, Typhon 6S, Notorious/Outcast 6S

  • One TBR 1/8th Wide Basher rear bumper

Product color examples:


 Previously known as 10017 & 10020



Can I install this bumper on a talion V3 ?

This will fit every Talion version as well as every 6s car that arrma produces!

Is 4 screws included? I guess the screws must be longer than the originals?

Yes longer hardware to mount this bumper is included!  

Does this go over the stock bumper? Looks like it's still installed in one of the pics
Yes! it goes over your stock setup, you only need to take out the 4 corresponding screws to mount! 


Every update of the following

  • Talion 6S
  • Kraton 6S
  • Typhon 6S
  • Outcast 6S
  • Notorious 6S

Fits V1, V2, V3 2019, V4 2019

Does not fit V5 Kraton

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Super cool great quality

Love these bumpers

These bumpers are awesome. Helps a lot with bad landings. These help protect the whole rear of the car where there are lots of weak spots like wing mounts, and bending rear shock towers. Also even helps with big wheelies to keep the car planted.


Not worth getting. It did nothing to protect the wing mounts and the wheelie bar, both broke off completely after 3 battery packs. Very flexible I think it should be stiffer. Not any better than the competition, you can put a rpm front bumper on the back of your car but it won’t perform any better than the tbone. Tbone racing really needs to think out of the box to come up with a better rear bumper system that will combine bumper and wing mounts that can survive the crashes that will happen. You tube has a few examples of a much better design if tbone wanted to see other ideas that people have conceived. This is what I ended up doing and I’m not a engineer and only using hand tools.

Great Product

Awesome addition to my kraton. Offers great protection and looks good too. Was a good fit and I am very happy with this purchase.


it dont fit.but that 1 was for the 8scale kraton.i have 7 scale blx kraton.i had to by another one .the one with the whwele bar if i knew i could have sent the 8 scale 1 back i ewould have