Our SC Basher rear bumper is a four piece unit. Mounts under the chassis and has a floating brace that mounts to our special block.
The two upper holes with accommodate two LED lights.
This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Senton:
  • One TBR SC Basher Rear Bumper 
  • One TBR RBS Rear Bumper Skid 
  • One TBR Rear Brace 
  • One TBR Delrin Block 
  • Weight - 3.5oz / 99 grams (Stock 3.5oz / 99 grams
  • Lifetime warranty

Product color examples:


10032 - TBR SC Basher Rear Bumper -- ARRMA Senton SC

  • Price $22.99
  • MSRP MSRP $25.99

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

Bumper is solid and the fit and finish are outstanding. Installation was easy. This bumper is much, much better than the stock bumper. It's not true "scale" like the OEM bumper, but it's far better engineered and designed. The simple design makes routine maintenance that more simple as well. Like the front bumper, I would give the rear five stars if it were not for the synthetic horizontal brace. IMO, this part should be made from thin sheet metal as it would flex easier under impact and be less inclined to breakage.

Basher rear

Very good addition to my Arrma Senton, it eliminated that big cage piece it the back(I would lose a screw every bashing) less is more. But didn't know it was a two piece bumper, still happy with my purchase! Looks very clean and simple. Definitely recommend this to anyone in the R/C life! Does it's job, protection.

10032 TBR sc basher rear bumper arrma senton sc

10032 TBR sc basher rear bumper arrma senton sc

10032 TBR sc basher rear bumper arrma senton sc

10032 TBR sc basher rear bumper arrma senton sc

Basher bumpers

I purchased front and rear basher bumpers for my Arrma Senton. 100% satisfied with the purchase! From the customer service, price, speed of shipment, to quality and craftsmanship of the product. I don't purchase items to sit on a shelf, I use what I have, and a SCT is going to take a beating and these bumpers will take it! Would purchase again (not that you need to because the warranty is amazing!), will purchase from T-Bone again!