The XV4 series.
With this new design we are looking to capture a more scale look while still achieving the durability that our customers have come to expect from our bumpers.
In addition to the new style we are keeping the 3 LED compatible holes on the top of the bumper for those of you who like to have headlights on your car.
Bumper mounts under the chassis. A brace mounts to our supplied block and the bumper.
This listing comes with the following for Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck:
  • One TBR XV4 FBS front bumper skid 
  • One TBR Delrin Block 
  • One TBR Front Brace 
  • One TBR Rod D 
  • One TBR Rod E 
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: Does not fit the Senton 4x4 Mega

Product color examples:


10035 - TBR XV4 Front Bumper - ARRMA Senton SC

  • Price $26.99
  • MSRP MSRP $28.99

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!

I bought the front bumper kit for my Arrma Senton and have been greatly pleased. The bumper material is designed for indestructible bashing. I couldn't be more happy with the this product and its durability compared to the Arrma factory bumper which didn't last 1 week. I look forward to when T-Bone can have the rear bumper kit for my Arrma in stock. Great product, service and quality craftsmanship!

10035 TBR xv4 front bumper arrma senton sc

10035 TBR xv4 front bumper arrma senton sc