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TBR Front A-Arm A-Skids - ARRMA Nero 6S - 10038

SKU 100381
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The Arrma Nero is an extreme basher which means lots of driving in off road / off track terrain means you'll be driving over tons of rocks, brush and other debris.

T-Bone Racing has a sleek solution this need of protection. Our A-Skids offer great protection from rocks lodging into your driveshafts and extend upwards to protect the lower shock mounts as well.

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Nero 6S:
  • One TBR Front Left A-Skid 
  • One TBR Front Right A-Skid 
  • One TBR Left A-Skid Backer 
  • One TBR Right A-Skd Backer 
  • Two TBR Askid Spacers
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Customer Reviews

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Oliver P Neal Jr
BASHER; Retiree

I'm rating this the same as the REAR A-Arm A-Skids. This wasn't as simple as some of the other pieces. I actually had to pull up the pics on this page and figure out the orientation of the pieces to make sure I was putting them in the right places. They need some serious instructions with this item. The only savior for this item is that it fits over ARRMA Splash Guards. I kept ARRMA Slash Guards on because they are higher and wider and protects the suspension components better. It might not be as aerodynamic, but I'll see if it's a hindrance in the near future. I can only give this a 4 out of 5 Star Rating because it needs instructions to mount it. -Admin NOTE- We now have mounting instructions on the item's page and on youtube :) -Admin NOTE-