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TBR Rear A-Arm A-Skids - ARRMA Nero 6S - 10040

SKU 100401
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The Arrma Nero is an extreme basher which means lots of driving in off road / off track terrain means you'll be driving over tons of rocks, brush and other debris.

T-Bone Racing has a sleek solution this need of protection. Our A-Skids offer great protection from rocks lodging into your driveshafts and extend upwards to protect the lower shock mounts as well.

The Rear A-Skids come with a foam strip to add an extra seal between the A-Skid and A-Arm.

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Nero 6S:
  • One TBR Rear Left A-Skid 
  • One TBR Rear Right A-Skid 
  • One TBR Left A-Skid Backer 
  • One TBR Right A-Skd Backer 
  • Two TBR Askid Spacers 
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Customer Reviews

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Oliver P Neal Jr
BASHER; Retiree

This wasn't as simple as some of the other pieces. I actually had to pull up the pics on this page and figure out the orientation of the pieces to make sure I was putting them in the right places. They need some serious instructions with this item. The only savior for this item is that it fits over ARRMA Splash Guards. I kept ARRMA Slash Guards on because they are higher and wider and protects the suspension components better. It might not be as aerodynamic, but I'll see if it's a hindrance in the near future. I can only give this a 4 out of 5 Star Rating because it needs instructions to mount it. -Admin NOTE- We now have video instructions on the listing's page. -Admin NOTE-