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TBR V3 Chassis Skid - Arrma Kraton - 10045

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V3 Chassis Skids are designed to give your chassis full protection.

These skids are designed to mount with the 9 chassis screws and are 0.093" or 2.36mm thick. They weigh less than 4 ounces!

Vinyl not included*

This listing comes with the following for Arrma Kraton:
  • One TBR V3 chassis skid

Compatible with all other TBR bumpers and skids for this car.

Fits V1, V2, V3 2019, V4 2019

Does not fit V5 Kraton

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike jones
Vinyl not included?

So if the vinyls not included why show it in the photos of the product your trying to sell? And then one review has the product with the vinyl on it???? So what’s the real product I’d be getting cause it seems like a vinyl sticker would be better protection even after multiple times of replacing it still better than this “skid plate”

Luis DeJesus
Durable strong very happy

Iam very happy with my purchase t bone always comes through

So far so good on my Kraton

Ive ran these skids on all my Arrma's so far and this one is nice too. But this time I took the time to actually install the vinyl overlay. You have to cut it out to in the shape of the chassis and cut out all the holes. I just used the skid as a template and taped it to the skid. Then used a hobby knife to trace around the edges. Then with it still taped to the skid I used the knife to cut out all the screw and diff gear holes. And it looks awesome. Adds even more protection to the chassis bottom. I did have to change out the stock Kraton bumper since it rises a bit off the chassis so the skid would lay flat, and thankfully I had a stock Typhon bumper to use as a hinge pin holder. Now the skid lays flat and looks pretty awesome. Added some pics.

mixed feelings

I purchased this some months ago, and this was my first experience with a tbr product.

The skid will indeed protect from direct impacts, but it wont give full protection from little rocks and debris as these can easily fit between the chassis and the skid. The reason is that the product will not be a perfect fit once screwed. I believe there are 2 reasons for this:

1. while there are 4 screws (2x4) at the extremities, there is only one at the center, and nowhere else.
2. the holes have the concave part to fit the screw, but dont have the convex side to actually fit the chassis. This also make it more likely to break screws on impact.

These 2 reasons cause tensions to the skid, and it'll cause 2 "bumps" (from the center to the extremities). Causing a lot of space between the chassis and the skid, where debris can enter and damage the chassis over time. Note that these 2 bumps, will even get bigger while doing jumps because of the flex of the chassis and the fact there is only one screw at the center.

Also, because it doesn't perfectly fit, water will go there (difficult to remove) and cause corrosion to your chassis over time (aluminium wont rust, but it can corrode.)