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TBR XV5 Front Bumper - ARRMA Big Rock 6s - 10047

SKU 100471
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Our XV4 Front Bumper replaces the stock bumper assembly and is a 4 piece unit.

The Front Bumper Skid (FBS) mounts on the bottom with 4 screws and 2 aluminum stand offs. The XV5 bof (bolt on front) bumper mounts to the skid at 3 locations. Front Brace mounts to existing bumper location and floats at the bumper.

A piece of rubber has been supplied to protect the LED wires as they pass between the front shocks.

Note: This bumper does NOT come with the LED Light Bar. Search for the #10052 part number for the XV4 bumper that comes with the light bar. A piece of rubber has been supplied to protect the LED wires as they pass between the front shocks.


This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Big Rock:

  • One TBR XV5 bof Front Bumper -  R031
  • One TBR FBS Front Bumper Skid - R032
  • One TBR Front Brace - H111
  • Two TBR #H Rods - Y187
  • Weight - 6.2oz / 176 grams
  1. Remove stock front bumper, two skid screws on bottom and two M3 screws by servo.
  2. Mount Front Brace to the lower boss that held stock bumper on. Place it on top of lower one. Insert supplied aluminum spacers to the top of the brace and under upper boss.
  3. Use two M3 x 25mm cap head screws to pass through the bosses, aluminum spacers and brace and thread into lower boss. (Note: 2-M3 Lock nuts are supplied to use at your discretion on the bottom side of lower boss.
  4. Place two 6 x10 aluminum spacers into recessed holes at each side of servo on chassis.\
  5. Next insert two M3 x 30 flat head socket screws through the M3 holes on our FBS part # A112 and thread through the aluminum spacers and into chassis.
  6. Finally, thread two M4 x 25 flat head socket screws through the FBS and the bof front bumper to the chassis. Tighten all screws, but do not over tighten.

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    YouTube Mounting Instructions

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