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TBR Front Shock Skids - Arrma Typhon - 10064

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Tired of grinding your front shock caps when your car ends up upside down? Get our new Front Shock Skids and grind no more. Mount right to your top shock screws and have a cross tie to help keep them in place. Also give some T-Bone shielding to the front of your shocks. Very easy to install and will work with any top shock location.

This listing comes with the following for Arrma Typhon:
  • Two TBR Front Shock Skids -Y228
  • One TBR Front Tie Bar - Y229

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Is there still issues with the screws bending?

We have updated the screws to a stronger stainless steel. Since then we have not received any complaints about the screws bending.

How do you even put these things on?

You start by removing the m3 locknuts at the end of your shock screw. Then you attach the provided hex adapter to the same screw. Finally you take the shock cover and mount it to the hex adapters and your shock skid is now mounted!


Typhon 6s


Customer Reviews

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Manny Drovandi
best typhon addon all day long.

Advised on mass production!!!! protects the shocks and the shock tower, I have put these through a vigorous test to the point I broke the screws and had to replace them with aftermarket but... shocks,shock caps and shock tower we all good to go. Stand by these so much that i bought new one to protect the hot racing shock caps I added.

Front shocks skids

So far loving the designed and functionality seems spot on, we'll see when I hit something but peace of mind is there if takes a tumble and protects my shock towers.


Comes in handy more than you would think!

Joel Salgado
TBR Front Shock Skids - Arrma Typhon - 10064

I did not install these. The existing screws are of better quality and decided not to install at this point.

Proper shock guard

This product is very smart and well designed to protect your shocks and caps from those untimely flips looks good too...
Not a big deal but I would just suggest the included screws be coated also so the screw can go in the front and not really stand out as in the diagram however works great bolted up with the locknut in the front.. great product overall like every other Tbone racing parts I own. Keep up the awesome products!!!