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TBR Defender Front Bumper - Arrma Granite Voltage - 10070

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Protect your Arrma Granite Voltage with TBR's Defender Front Bumper! The latest in our front bumper line, offering ultimate protection and comes with our famous !


This listing comes with the following for Arrma Granite Voltage:

  • One TBR Defender Front Bumper

Customer Reviews

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T-bone voltage

Love it awesome bumper does it job looks great as well great job T-bone racing .

Best mod for any basher!

Its difficult to get your hands on, but you'll be glad you did. The stock bumper provides almost no protection, this thing is exactly what the voltage was missing. The only negative, is there's no instructions available. I made a video that shows how to install it, you can find it here:

Highly recommended!!!

The truck takes a beating as is out of the box but this front bumper is a must have item. I've literally ran into the wall full speed [20mph?] And the front bumper pretty much makes the truck bounce back. I've also clipped so many things & the bumper took the impact.


Great bumper want the rear one but nobody from tbone has gotten back with me on one.

Solid Protection - Install Instructions/Pictures Included

The bumper is solid as with all the products from TBR, and I would recommend it for the Voltage as there really isn't much of a stock bumper. There are no installation instructions provided so it took a little while to figure out what needed to be removed along with the correct way to install.

Start by taking out the two screws (will not reuse) on the bottom holding the front bumper onto the chassis. Then remove the three screws (will not reuse bottom two; will reuse top screw) from the suspension hanger (AR320384) on the front of the truck. The stock bumper can then be removed by pulling up (with the truck upside down) and pulling forward. Remove the suspension hanger being careful not to pull out the hinge pins. Reinstall the suspension hanger along with new front bumper support and spacers included in the kit (see pictures). You will reuse the stock top screw from the suspension hanger while the lower screws are replaced by the long screws from the kit. Ensure the recessed screw holes of the new bumper support face the front so that the newly installed screws sit flush. Place the TBR bumper onto the truck and loosely install the rear screws. Loosely install the front two screws. Tighten all four bottom screws in a criss-cross pattern.