The 10076 TBR 2.0 Wheelie Bar is the update to the 10023 Custom Rear / Wheelie Bar. We've narrowed the wheelie bar and add a hinge-pin block. The wheelie bar brace now mounts to the block and the bumper instead of only mounting to the differential. This provides maximum stability during for wheelies and added protection from impacts.

This bumper / wheelie bar set pulls double duty both as a bumper and a wheelie bar. The bumper portion extends out further than the standard rear bumpers and gives you more stability when pulling wheelies. The bumper is flexible and is made to run in the dirt as well as street.

We have just updated our wheelie bar wheels! We now include 2 Solid Black wheels with sealed ball bearings! 

This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Kraton / 6S / BLX / V2 / V3:
  • One TBR Custom Rear Bumper
  • One TBR Rear Brace
  • One TBR Wheelie Bar
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product color examples:


NOTE: A new solid black wheels will be sent. The Aluminum wheels have been discontinued.

YouTube Mounting Instructions


10076 - TBR 2.0 Wheelie Bar Set - ARRMA Kraton / 6S / V2 / V3 2018

  • MSRP Price $30.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kraton Basher Bumper

Excellent protection

Best upgrade for Kraton power

Man what can I say is it's a must have upgrade for that Kraton power.

Fuckin solid

I've only had this bumper a few weeks but in that time it's saved my Kraton. I let an inexperienced friend of mine drive my Kraton and he did a wheelie at really high speeds into a curb, the vehicle did a massive front flip tumbled super hard into some rocks and this wheelie bar protected the aluminum chassis and took the majority of the curb stomp. I will definite be buying TBone Racing parts again, thank you TBone!

Great wing protection.

This will add a little weight to your rig compared to the arrma wheelie bar but the protection is well worth it. It’s a bumper with wheels. I think you should grind around 1/16 or so off of the bolts that holds the rear support that replaces the little arrma bumper.

Great warranty

Broke my Kraton roll cage and front bumper sent pictures and all parts were replaced as they claimed. Couldn't be happier I would recommend their products to anyone. Great company.