10079 - TBR XV4 Front Bumper - ARRMA Senton 4x4 3S

The XV4 series design captures the more scale look while providing the durability that our customers have come to expect from our bumpers.
Bumper mounts under the chassis. A brace mounts to our supplied block and the bumper.
This listing comes with the following for Arrma Senton 4x4 Mega and 3S BLX
  • One TBR XV4 Front Bumper 
  • One TBR Delrin Hinge Pin Block
  • One TBR Delrin Brace Mount
  • One TBR Front Brace 
  • Two TBR Rods 
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: Does not fit the Senton 6S

YouTube Mounting Instructions


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Hit a 4 inch curb straight on full send and it just bounced right over the curb. Extremely durable


mounting hardware stripped out right away and fit up is garbage but if you do get it mounted it looks and performs great.

Good but not perfect

This bumper is way better at protecting the truck and taking impacts. However the videos and pictures are of the Senton Mega. Not the 3S BLX. As some reviewers have pointed out, the a-arm pin will have a gap and can pop out. I fixed this with an L bracket that I attached at the bottom to hold everything in place. With that mod this bumper has worked out great. Just be wary as it’s not just direct bolt on.

Figured it out no instructions

This is a revised review, I figured it out that you have to use the two spacers on the brace to make the brace not pull out the pin holder, I had to use the stock button head screws not the included flat heads because the flat heads that are provided strip very easily, I had a heck a time nwith some vise grips trying to get the stripped screws out but I did. The brace bend is crooked and doesn't line up with the bumper holes but I just forced them in. Overall nit should work and be stronger than stock just make sure to check your A-arm pin holder because it still wants to pull the brace out, just tighten it and then push the brace all the way over the pins because they back off a bit when tightening the top screws on brace. Instructions would have been so helpful in this and even the video on the installation doesn't show him using the spacers unless I missed that part.


Bought this because the stock bumper broke. Have used this bumper for multiple jumps and crash landings and still holds up amazing