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TBR Basher Front Bumper - ARRMA Talion 2018 - 10081

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TBR's new Basher Bumper for the 2018 Talion is a solid beast of a bumper!
We've updated it with a new hinge-pin block and a stronger front brace. The Basher follows the contour of the body and the shocks to give your Talion the best protection available!
 3 piece unit that mounts under your chassis and to our Hinge-pin / Diff Block the updated brace mounting position provides maximum stability and impact absorption.
The Basher fits close to the body so as not to hinder front and rear flips.
This listing comes with the following for ARRMA Talion V1, V2, V3 2018:
  • One TBR Basher front bumper
  • One TBR Front Brace
  • One TBR Front Block
  • One TBR Shim

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Hello, I read a forum, they said a talion front bumper will fit on notorious 6s. Thank you for any information.

Although we suggest the bumpers we specifically design for the outcast/notorious You can most definitely mount these on any 6s car you choose. 


Talion 6s, kraton 6s, outcast 6s, notorious 6s, 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This bumper saved my talion. I was bashing in a parking lot and hit a curb going 70+ mph. The bumper acted like a ramp and launched the car into the grass. When I went to pick it up I was sure it was completely destroyed but it wasn't the only thing that happened was it bent the left hinge pin. Thanks tbr for the great product.


I have put these bumpers to the test,back yard bashing every weekend,no problem as of yet.

Nice Bumper but bolt pattern doesn't fit Talion V3 as described.

I waited for this shipment with anticipation based on the hype of Tbone racing parts. However, upon inspection this product doesn't work with the Talion V3. I'm disappointed as I paid shipping and now I'm stuck waiting on another company to provide this much needed part. I guess I'll see how they treat their customers.



Great but delivery took a while

It took some tie before the bumper shipped, but it's good quality stuff. I wish there were special conical washers included to put between the chassis holes and the bumper to reinforce this assembly but it's a minor complaint.

The shape of this bumper is great when jumping, it doesn't catch the ground, and it's way more sturdy than the other tbone I have (on an arrma Typhon). Note that the Typhon one is still going strong after more than one year, but this one looks like it will outlive a nuclear explosion).