The update to the Kraton EXO cage is here!

This is the 3rd of our new gen of EXO cages that mount directly to the body. It adds a layer of top protection for your Kraton and protects your the body from the your intense bashing sessions.

This is the third of our newest roll cage line which mount directly to to the body independent of body posts and shock towers.


1. The roll cage requires you to ream or drill out mounting holes in the Kraton body in order to mount the cage.

2. The Kraton EXO Cage can be very tricky to install due to the cage being raised up off of the body, it is difficult to line up the front and rear mounting holes of the cage to the body. 

  1. Line up the EXO Cage to the position on your truck that you desire.
  2. Mark the mounting hole positions with a reamer or marker.
  3. Ream or drill the holes to the correct size. (M4 Screw Size)
  4. Using the supplied hardware mount the cage to the body with two mounting plates on outside of the body and two on the inside, securing them with the screws and locknuts.


1 Arrma Kraton EXO Roll Cage w/mounting hardware.

Does not fit any cars other than the Kraton (Fits all bodies)

Body and Kraton not included.

10088 - TBR 'EXO Cage' External Roll Cage - Arrma Kraton

  • Price $49.99
  • MSRP MSRP $59.99

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