10096 - TBR Wheelie Bar - Arrma Big Rock 4x4 3S


Protect your Big Rock 4x4 3S with TBR's Wheelie Bar!

We've designed this wheelie bar around one of our classic bumper designs so you get the benefits of maximum protection and can pull off amazing wheelies!

It replaces the stock bumper and mounts up to the existing brace.

The TBR wheelie bar can be removed and you can use the bumper by itself.

Comes with TBR's lifetime warranty 

Also fits on the Granite 3S BLX.

  Hinge Pin Cover Block has been updated to fully cover the hinge pins. 

This listing comes with the following for Arrma Big Rock 4x4 3S
  • One TBR Wheelie Bar
  • One TBR RBS
  • One TBR Hinge Pin Block
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
TBR kit granite blx 4s

I got the front bumper, centre skid and rear bumper/ wheelie bar. Excellent kit taken a few hard landings and no problems so far
Much stronger granite blx now
Thanks from England 👍

Not so useful for the granite

does not prevent the granite BLX from doing backflips. pretty much useless as a wheelie bar. attempted to contact sellers with no reply.

TBR Wheelie Bar - Arrma Big Rock 4x4 3S

Really a great bumper, and very robust👍🤘thanks from Italy

Saved my truck more than once!!!

Durable bumper overall!

Totally worth it

I installed the front bumper and rear wheelie bar and bottom skid plate on my Arrma Big Rock Crew Cab before I ever even drove it and I’m happy I did. I know that if I hadn’t I would have most likely already broke the stock front bumper and wheelie bar as well probably have had more breakage in the front A arm and suspension department. The T Bone front bumper is wider and sticks out more than stock which helps to protects the front end better. Totally worth it.