10106 - TBR 'EXO Cage' External Roll Cage - Arrma Notorious

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This product has been discontinued. Find the updated version here:

10119 R1 Exo Cage Arrma Notorious


The highly requested Notorious EXO-Cage has just been released! Finally you can keep that dark stunt truck body looking good, as you should! It protects against everything from flips, crashes, bashing, and of course hazardous driving.



1 Arrma Notorious EXO Roll Cage w/mounting hardware.

Does not fit any cars other than the Notorious

Body and Notorious not included.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The roll cage requires you to ream or drill out mounting holes in the outcast body in order to mount the cage.

  1. Line up the EXO Cage to the position on your truck that you desire.
  2. Mark the mounting hole positions with a reamer or marker.
  3. Ream or drill the holes to the correct size. (M4 in the front & point, M3 in the 2 rear most holes)
  4. Using the supplied hardware mount the cage to the body with two mounting plates on outside of the body and two on the inside, securing them with the screws and locknuts.


Customer Reviews

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The best customer service ever.

Haven’t fitted anything yet but the parts look Solid, well built and I’m sure they will do the job.......

1st order went missing and they Expedited the replacement order too me.....

Great fit

Looks great on the notorious


Excellent mod! Stiffens body perfectly, great look, helps with any attempt to manually rock and upright the truck. Word of caution, you must be meticulous as to the placement/location of where the cage attaches itself to the body. There is virtually no allowance for error. And one more thing, it makes it a little more difficut to secure (pin on) the body. Happy Ripping!