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TBR Aluminum T2T Tower to Tower Brace - Arrma Kraton - 10109

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This is the brand new Aluminum T2T for the Kraton. Made to give the ultimate amount of stability for your build the clean aluminum center brace get's 10/10 for style points!

We have increased the strength of the brace for the new T2T line to add protection from all impacts as well as increased torsion resistance. 

Included for the Arrma Kraton / Talion:

  • One TBR T2T Upper Chassis Brace Unit

 Only fits the Arrma Kraton & Talion V2 and original - (NOT TALION V3,V4 or V5)

The stock Composite Center Roll Cage Tower must be removed.

Not compatible with the stock front chassis mud guards.

Only fits the stock Kraton & Talion shock towers. Will not fit on aftermarket towers.

YouTube Mounting Instructions:


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice product, works flawless but can be more refined.

I ordered 2 braces, 1 had a good finish, the other Needed some work before I could mount it. So take the time to finish the product and check them more often. Besides That, works as intended! Happy with it 😁👍

John Papageorgiou
Kraton 6s T2T brace

So I have a V5 Kraton and knew going into this that it doesn't fit this version. So I bought it any way with the intentions of modding it to make it fit. (Something I enjoy to do)
I definitely like a challenge and it really wasn't that bad making it work.
The front plate fits perfectly once you remove the tower support brace. Fits like a glove.
The rear on the other hand took some work. Basically had to trim the back plate down a bit to lock into the shock tower and it fits. Also the rear tower support brace needed to be removed and trimmed down for the bar to lock in. You still need to use that original piece in order to have the wing bolt screwed in to lock it all down.
Over all I'm pleased with the brace. Beefy as hell!
So yes, it will work with some skill involved to mod the rear end.
This will definitely work in the mean time while I eagerly await some add on parts for the V5 version to come out.
Thanks guys!

Honest Advertising for an Honest Review - If you can't get it to fit... Try Golf

I got this knowing it wasn't supposed to fit my v4 Talion, that being said... I thought it wasn't supposed to fit my v4 Talion? All I did was reverse the ends, slightly modify the rubber mounts for clearance on the shock tower mounts where the original use to connect. I personally think this is just part of the hobby and part of the fun and it was so easy I am really surprised that others had issues. After adding some HR Chassis braces FR and RR this is now a tank and the only thing that I could see being better is either thicker\better chassis or Aluminum diff housing. Went from little 20 to 30FT high flights to Duper Bash type runs. Was worth every screw LOL penny because it was SUPER cheap but effective.

Thanks for a great product guys, good job!

Joshua Wallace
Ive seen this product work well on other Kratons, unfortunately it does NOT fit my EXB

Ive seen this T-Bone product improve regidety on the 1/8 Arrma Kraton RTR Ver 4.0 by quite a bit, especially if the owner still has the factory 6061 Aluminum Chassis and shock towers. However, I recently sold my RTR in favor of the EXB not knowing that the shock towers and wing mount were not only made of new material, but are actually a different shape entirely. Because of this, the T-Bone Tower-to-Tower brace simply does not fit on this truck. The only reason it looses a star is T-Bone's inability to list this fact in the product description as well as not having a version that fits the EXB.

Abdul Fatah

Love it on my V3. Solid as tank