10115 - TBR Wheelie Bar - Arrma Kraton 4S / Outcast 4S



Check out the latest in protection for the Kraton 4S & Outcast 4S!

As per popular demand we present to you TBR's upgrade to the Outcast & Kraton 4S Wheelie Bar!



The wheelie bar has a brace and hingepin block.

This listing comes with the following for Arrma Kraton 4S, Outcast 4S
  • One TBR Wheelie Bar
  • One TBR Hinge Pin Block
  • One TBR Rear Brace (mounts only to bumper)
  • Lifetime Warranty



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Customer Reviews

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Great wheelie bar for the Arrma 4S OutCast...

I like the setup and angle of this wheelie bar compared to the stock one. This one helps me from flipping over and having to walk aways to put it back upright... The stock one sits right under the tail so it gets way vertical and it's a hit or miss on flipping over... Sure it helps with trigger control, but try telling my nephew that... He's learning quick tho since he's the 1 that has to go and get it now... Great product and works great...