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10119 - TBR R1 EXO Cage External Roll Cage - Arrma Notorious

SKU 10119

 These new R1 EXO cages are utilize our custom plastic material and are now machined to shape instead of bent. This will keep the fitment to your Nortorious body close and form fitting while still providing the perfect protection! 


1 Arrma Notorious EXO Roll Cage w/mounting hardware.

Does not fit any cars other than the Notorious

Body and Notorioius not included.

This roll cage mounts directly to to the body independent of body posts and shock towers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The roll cage requires you to ream or drill out mounting holes in the outcast body in order to mount the cage.

  1. Line up the EXO Cage to the position on your truck that you desire.
  2. Mark the mounting hole positions with a reamer or marker.
  3. Ream or drill the holes to the correct size. (M4 in the front & point, M3 in the 2 rear most holes)
  4. Using the supplied hardware mount the cage to the body with two mounting plates on outside of the body and two on the inside, securing them with the screws and locknuts.

Customer Reviews

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Roof skis

I’m not really sure how else to describe it when your car is sliding across the parking lot at 70mph oh it’s roof with the tires ballooned waaaay past where the factory would have ever considered it and you’re stuck between laughing like a hyena and giggling like a school girl.

What I do know is that at no point did I worry about my car.

It is outstanding!