The T-Bone Racing Body Panel set for the Axial BomberĀ replaces the stock body and mounts directly to the roll cage. This set includes 2 Side Panels, 1 Roof and 1 Hood.


The optional graphic vinyl sheets are a high quality material car vinyl film.

This listing comes with the following for Axial Bomber RR10:
  • One TBR Front Hood
  • One TBR Roof
  • Two TBR Side Panels

Comes either in stock black or with a vinyl overlay. Note: The vinyl will be sent as a blank sheet and not applied to the body panels. This is to allow you to apply the graphics at your discretion. Either as a full set or in any pattern that you can cut out.

12007 - TBR Body Panel Set - Axial Bomber RR10

  • Price $32.99
  • MSRP MSRP $36.99