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TBR Axle Skid Plate - Axial YETI XL - 12021

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Our Axle skid covers your axle and diff. The diff skid mount serves two purposes. One is a mount for the skid. Two, it was designed to hold your body open while working on your car. It works when car is sitting on the ground.
Note: The diff skid mount will not hold body up when car is placed on a stand.
Included in this listing for the Axial YETI XL:
  • TBR Axle Skid bracket
  • TBR Axle skid

Product color examples:


Wheelie Bar Mod

You can modify the 10062 to mount with this skid.

As one of our customers let us know you can drilll two holes into the 10062 that line up with the 12021 mounting holes. (See picture below)