The 3pc Nylon Monster 2 NM2 Rear has 3 main pieces; the Rear Bumper Skid RBS, the NM2 Rear Bumper and the Short or Long Rear Brace. The RBS mounts to the bottom of your car covering your entire rear skid plate. The NM2 bumper than mounts to the RBS and the brace to the NM2 rear bumper. This bumper will give you extreme protection well bashing and crashing.
The NM2 is designed to mount the 1/10 XL Monster Truck Wheelie Bar Wheelie Bar letting you perform wheelies with out flipping.
The Short and Long Brace will let you change the angle of wheelies your car will pull.
The CEN GST 7.7 will also fit on:
  • Colossus GST-E
  • Colossus GST 7.7
  • GST-E
  • Nemesis 7.7
  • GSR 5.0
This listing comes with the following for CEN GST 7.7:
  • One TBR Nylon Monster 2 Rear
  • One TBR Nylon Rear Bumper Skid
  • One TBR Nylon Brace
  • One TBR Rear Block
  • Lifetime warranty

Note1: All T-Bone products are manufactured after order has been placed.


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15002 - TBR 3pc NM2 Rear Bumper -- CEN GST 7.7

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