The front TBR XV4 front is the biggest and best bumper available for the CEN Colossus XT! Guaranteed to give your CXT the amazing forward protection and doubles as a front skid as well! You won't be disappointed with this awesome TBR Bumper!

The XV4 mounts under the chassis at six locations. It is supported by a brace that mounts to the shock tower and the bumper.

This listing comes with the following for CEN Colossus:
    • One TBR FBS (Front Bumper Skid) - M008.1
    • One TBR XV4 bof (bolt on front) - M013.1
    • One TBR Block -Y217.1
    • One TBR Front Brace - M010.1
    • One TBR Red Shim - Y215.2
    • Two TBR G Rods - Y169
    • Lifetime warranty

150121 - TBR XV4 Front Bumper - CEN Colossus

  • Price $43.99
  • MSRP MSRP $47.99