21034 - TBR 2018 V3 Snow Skis - Helion Conquest 10B, 10MT, 10ST

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T-Bone Racing's 2018 Skis are a must have if you want to have some fun in the snow!


Updated Features:

  • Adjustable steering fins so you can have a flat bottomed ski or extend the fins for phenomenal steering in powder snow.
  • Double the surface area and increased the front ski angles to keep your car from sinking or digging into snow or sand.
  • Updated the Pivot Blocks to correct the Ski Camber and give better steering clearance.

We recommend using snow chains, paddle tires or snow tracks to maximize performance.

Driving Tips:

For best snow driving fun use TBR Snow Skis in light snow up to 4 inches or on hard packed snow. Since the 1/10 2WD cars are very light, especially in the front end, they do not drive well in deeper, wet snow. 

This listing comes with the following

  • One set of TBR Snow Skis
  • Lifetime Warranty
      Compatible Vehicles:
      • Helion Conquest 10ST
      • Helion Conquest 10MT
      • Helion Conquest 10B

      Product color examples: