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TBR Chassis Skid - Redcat Racing TRMT8e - 47005

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T-Bone Racing's Chassis Skid for the Redcat TR-MT8e is an excellent add-on for your Monster Truck. This chassis skid will protect your center drive shafts from all manner of dirt, rocks and other debris.

The chassis skid mounts on 4 spacers with 4 M3 Screws.


This listing comes with the following for the Redcat TR-MT8E

  • One TBR Nylon Chassis Skid 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
ryan moore
Does the job

Nice product . Good price point and protects the drive lines and center diff cover from debris and possible damage

Needs to be adjusted to fit properly

T-Bone products are one of the first thing I order for a new RC. Simply put, they pay for themselves however considering the reasonable price that T-Bone sells these for, that doesn't take long. The product itself is easily 5 stars but I'm deducting 1 star on this bumper because of fit. This bumper is easy to install, very straight forward, for me anyhow.

I wasn't satisfied with the fit/positioning of the cover. The bends in the cover are not nearly precise enough and leave multiple gaps. You will want to make adjustments with a heat gun to manipulate its form and get it to fit properly with minimal gaps. It doesn't need to be perfect however it should fit a lot better than it does. I literally had to flatten it out with the heat gun first, measure and re-bend it to get it to fit how it should and can. The picture is incomplete, the bends are in the correct location it just needs some tweeks. Sheet metal pliers/vice grips will come in handy as well.

Mathew Sauvageau

This thing is perfect , I love it , I think I'm going to make a gasket for it to seal it up tight from water and a little tip use a tiny strip if tape to hold the spacers in place it makes the install much easier but seriously this thing should have been a stick item it's that good !

robert bell
A must have upgrade for your MT8E

This is a must needed upgrade for your MT8E to protect your drive train It's a easy and install but you're going to need a heat gun to make the ends to flush to the chassis very easy to do also I'm happy

jason hamilton

Great Except that the mounting holes were drilled wrong