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TBR Basher Front Bumper - RedCat Racing Shredder XT - 47070

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The Shredder XT is one of the highest requested Redcat cars we've ever had! We are proud to bring you the 1/7th Basher Bumpe so your rig can have the legendary T-Bone Racing protection!




This listing comes with the following for RedCat Shredder XT:
  • One TBR Basher Front Bumper

Made in the USA


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Looks good

Looks great and I just received my warrantied bumper from another rc car. Thanks

No instructions and wrong screws gets this 2 stars.

Although I was able to find a YouTube video on how to install this, I shouldn’t have had to do that, and neither should anyone else. Is it too hard for a company to print instructions on a piece of paper?

They also give you four 4mm screws, instead of four 3mm screws. The screws that screw into the bottom of the differential on the Shredder (as well as many other Redcat models) are 3mm, not 4mm. So care will need to be taken not to screw the screws in too tight, or they will pull through the tapered holes on the bottom of the bumper.

One other thing I noticed when installing this, is that the small little piece (sub bumper) that sits behind the bumper, does not sit flush against it, so when you’re trying to line this up and screw it in, the screws put a lot of tension on it.

I have yet to test this bumper in action, but something tells me that it might just crack. I guess I’ll find out when the times comes.


I bought 2 of these as i have 2 shredders. It is a solid piece for protection. I had to flip the brace bracket over as it was premounted upside down. It is a must for the shredder.

Thrasher Bumper for the Redcat Shredder

Awesome upgrade. If you own a Shredder, you're gonna need this!!!


Works great. No instructions, but if you use logic you’ll get it installed. Bashed it a lot already over the past month and it doesn’t show any damage!