Thin Chassis Skids or TCS are designed to give your chassis full protection.
We have updated the design of these skids to mount with the 8 diff screws and have increased the thickness from 0.040" to 0.060" to increase durability!
These skids are only 1.524mm (.060") thick and weigh less than 3 ounces!
The skids come with a durable T-Bone Racing Graphic Vinyl Overlay.
This listing comes with the following for  Tekno EB410:
  • One TBR TCS chassis skid

Compatible with all other TBR bumpers and skids for this car.

57029 - TBR Thin Chassis Skid - Tekno RC EB410

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Customer Reviews

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Great service!

My experience was good. My order was correct and shipped in timely matter ... Great product

Nice piece.

As with the other poster, I too was just running the front and rear skid plates, but after replacing a broken chassis I went for the full length version. I need to order a second to have on hand, as out local Phoenix track is highly abrasive. Love the product though, and haven't had any issues from the many items I've bought from Tbone.

EB410 full skid plate is awesome!

I was previously using just the front and rear skid plates on my Tekno eb410, problem was it still wore quite a lot in the middle of the chassis. The new full skidplate covered the ENTIRE chassis. It's about 1mm think, and weighs nearly nothing. So for me it doesn't affect handling at all. I had to pull it off to replace the front gearbox, and it was nice to see a perfect chassis underneath. It's held on by 5 screws, and is super easy to pull off for maintenance, instead of trying to peel back a stick-on chassis protector. I will order a second one to keep on-hand.


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