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TBR NM2 4pc Rear Bumper -- Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo - 62037

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  Our NM2 rear bumper is a 4 piece set. The bottom skid mounts to chassis at six locations; four at supplied stainless steel standoffs and two at the rear skid plate mounts.
We have added a hefty Delrin block that is mounted to the rear bulkhead for extra mounting points on the bumper.
  You can still run your rear sway bar set up as well. Included with this set is a rear brace that mounts to your Wing mount and floats on our rear bumper.
  This V2 bumper is compatible with our Chassis Skid and our Y077 Wheelie Bar.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas E-Revo:
One TBR NM2-V2 rear bumper
One V2 Delrin block
One TBR Rear Brace (RB)
Note: Does not fit on the 2.0 ERevo

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Mounting instructions for NM2-V2
Remove sway bar mount. Insert 2- M3x30mm flat head screws into sway mount and than into new TBR Block (sway bar notch between block notch and mounting holes).
Mount Block onto car and tighten.
Remove 2 rear tunnel cover screws and replace with 2 M4x12L M/F standoffs (do not over tighten).
Mount rear brace on Wing Mount with 2- M4x10 button head screws.
Mount our NM2-V2 bolt on rear bumper to our RBS (Rear Bumper Skid) with 3- M3x10 flat head screws and 3-M3 locknuts.
Remove the 2 rear M3 skid plate screws and replace with 2 supplied aluminum spacers
Insert 2-M3x25 flat head screws through the 2 M3 holes in the RBS and carefully align them into the aluminum spacers and thread into chassis (do not tighten).
Thread the remaining M4 screws into the M/F standoffs.
Tighten from front to rear.
Note: If mounting with our chassis skid, use the longer M4x14 screws to go through the RBS and Chassis Skid.

Customer Reviews

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What's up fellas? Yeah, the 2 that didn't read the part on this site that clearly states for instructions click here!!!! Learn how to read and stop expecting someone to do everything for you!!!

Why no instructions?

Good quality, but some instructions would be nice. Looks like everything is installed correctly, but I still have a big piece left over. Not sure where it would go. I get not including paper instructions, but also didn’t see them on your website.

How 2?

Very nice.. Fits very good. But no instructies :(