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Covid-19 Update: T-Bone Racing Remains fully operational!
Covid-19 Update: T-Bone Racing Remains fully operational!

TBR Custom Rear / Y066 Wheelie Bar Set -- Traxxas E-Maxx

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SKU 620491
Color: Black
Bumper mounts under the chassis.
Wheelie bar mounts to bumper with screws and lock nuts and comes with solid wheels
This bumper is a custom bumper by request.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas E-Maxx:
  • One TBR Custom Rear Bumper
  • One TBR Y066 Wheelie Bar
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: The aluminum wheels have been replaced by Solid Black wheels with bearings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great on everything!

Great sellers and great shippers! Selling even better products!! Every vehicle that has some tbone hop-ups just stand out a touch above my others RC’s.

Great wheelie kit

Much better wheelie bar set-up than the stock Traxxas wheelie kit. T-Bone kit allows smoother, longer, & incredibly stable wheelies. Sits higher than Traxxas kit too, which I noticed while landing jumps, wasn't slamming down on wheelie bar & allowed a much smoother & controlled landing. Already used the same 1 1/2" solid rubber wheels with Traxxas set. Glad T-Bone already knows larger solid rubber is way better & more durable than the stupid plastic wheelie wheels or Traxxas upgrade to aluminum with bearings, they just don't hold up well. Have only gotten a few hours of bashing in with the T-Bone kit. So really not enough for a true durability statement. However, I am already impressed in the performance at this point & anticipate the durability to be similar as the T-Bone set-up I put on another RC a few years ago. Which is going strong still with zero problems or breaks. Only found 1 very mild flaw with the T-Bone E-maxx wheelie kit. For me, I think it allows a bit to much play. Although a tad tough to prevent possibly, with how the E-maxx rear is assembled. The pivot, or pressure point, along the T-Bone skid that stables itself along the E-maxx rear skid, doesn't really prevent additional movement, skid bouncing, or bending. Rear bumper was still being pushed up & the T-Bone skid seemed to be getting some extra bending not needed. I attached some additional rubber with silicone along the pivot pressure point & zipped tied the T-Bone & Traxxas rear skids together. Seemed to help greatly, rear bumper no longer moves, wheelie skid no longer has the additional bending, & increased wheelie stability just a bit. Other than that, I'd say T-Bone offers an absolutely perfect wheelie kit set-up for many RC vehicles.


bad to the t bone