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TBR Front A-Skids (For #5132R) -- Traxxas E-Maxx - 62051

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Our front A-Skids are made of .093 Nylon-6 and mount under your front A-Arms. They provide you with a smooth surface to help glide over any object. These front A-Skids will work with our Basher front bumper.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas E-Maxx A-Arms #5132R:
  • One set TBR Front A-Skids
NOTE 1: These do not work with any after market A-Arms (RPM etc.).
NOTE 2: These will fit the rear, however, they will not work with our NWM rear bumper.
Note 3: Front bumper is not included with this listing.

Mounting instructions for Traxxas E-Maxx ASF

Set truck on side.

Fit the two White Backer Blocks into the triangle portion of the A-Arms and slide ¼” Delrin Assembly rod between them and the drive shaft. This will hold the White Backer Blocks in place while mounting the A-Skids.

Place the two shorter screws through the two inner holes on the A-Skids. Place the White Plastic Spacers onto the screws.

Next get an allen wrench or driver and insert it on one of the screw heads.

Now carefully position the A-Skid in place and thread the screws into the White Backer Blocks. Do not tighten.

Take Black square block and insert it on top of the A-Arm and then insert the longer M4 screw through the outer A-Skid hole and thread it into the Square Block.

Once all screws are threaded, you may now tighten.

Note: To help screws from loosening up, place a small amount of thread lock on the threads.

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Charles Hill

Love the way they look on maxx thanks will buy again