Our chassis brace for the 1/16 Summit is made of .125" black nylon and weighs 2.5oz. It is mounted with 12 screws to spread the impact across the whole length of your chassis. We use aluminum standoffs to mount between the stock skid/ chassis and our brace, providing clearance for the A-Arms. The brace comes with 2 holes front and rear to mount the supplied bumpers. The front bumper comes drilled to install four LED lights! We are using Phillips head screws as the socket heads stripped out too easily.
Optional Y062 Wheelie Bar Attachment as an add on.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas 1/16 Summit:
  • One TBR nylon Chassis Brace
  • One TBR nylon bolt on Thrasher2 front bumper four holes
  • One TBR nylon bolt on NM2 rear bumper
  • Mounting screws and aluminum standoffs spacers
  • Lifetime warranty

Product color examples:


62076 - TBR 3pc - Thrasher2 / Chassis Brace / NM2 Rear set - Traxxas 1/16 Summit

  • Price $35.99
  • MSRP MSRP $39.99