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TBR 3pc - Thrasher2 / Chassis Brace / NM2 Rear set - Traxxas 1/16 Summit - 62076

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Our chassis brace for the 1/16 Summit is made of .125" black nylon and weighs 2.5oz. It is mounted with 12 screws to spread the impact across the whole length of your chassis. We use aluminum standoffs to mount between the stock skid/ chassis and our brace, providing clearance for the A-Arms. The brace comes with 2 holes front and rear to mount the supplied bumpers. The front bumper comes drilled to install four LED lights! We are using Phillips head screws as the socket heads stripped out too easily.
Optional Y062 Wheelie Bar Attachment as an add on.
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas 1/16 Summit:
  • One TBR nylon Chassis Brace
  • One TBR nylon bolt on Thrasher2 front bumper four holes
  • One TBR nylon bolt on NM2 rear bumper
  • Mounting screws and aluminum standoffs spacers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Working well so far!

Love these products! I dont really beat these things up like some people do but I have fun and i want my models to stay nice and last as long as possible. This product gets the job done. It provides great protection to the chassis of my 1/16 Summit as well as the front end; it absorbs impact to the front very well and i dont cringe anymore when it bottoms out or collides head on. It was a bit of a handful to install, with the spacers slipping out but use a bit of shoe goo or some light adhesive to keep them all together during the mounting process and you'll be fine. One minor gripe is that it does occlude some of the front lights, but to me its worth the protection. I have a T bone product on every one of my models (up to 8 now) and they are a great investment if you want to protect your investment and keep your RCs running.

Tough and great, but has drawback.

I kept breaking the front bumper mount on my 1/16 Revo and Summit, so I got this 3 piece brace for two of my cars. It works in the sense that I have not broken any bumper mount ever since I installed this brace. However, it has its own drawback. First, the head of the mounting screws on the front and back were grinded to non-existence. See my photos. They got to this state in 2 to 3 skateboard park sessions, and this is the second set of screws I put on. Some of them had the head completely gone and the screw itself fell out. Second drawback is that the front mounting screws put a lot of stress on the front diff bulkhead. So much that two of the mounting holes on the front bulkhead were broken off. See my photos. So, it is not a perfect or final solution. Since I cannot find anything better, I have to settle with this for now. The good thing is that, with all these damages on the car, I can still bash with it. The bulkhead is $8 each, vs. the bumper mount 7015 and bumper kit 7235 are $16 total. So it is still better than not using it.

Must have

If you like to abuse your rc truck, like I do with my Traxxas 1/16 Summit. Chassis brace Thrasher2 is a must have upgrade and protection.

James Farrar
Great products

AWESOME products, great customer service.these kits are built to LAST, so impressed that I've ordered a fully front break kit for my ARRMA kraton V3 6S speed monster truck. Keep up the great work guys!!

Wade Martin

Love this product for my Traxxas Summit. Seems very durable and helps protect from breakage.