62169 - V4 Rear Wheelie Bar Set - Traxxas X-Maxx


New V4 Wheelie Bar for the X-Maxx!

Summary of changes from the V2:

  1. New RBS (Rear Bumper Skid) is longer and now mounts with four M4 screws. Two shims are included to take up the slack of the raised ribs on the stock skid. This minimizes screw pull through.
  2. New bor (bolt on rear) is also longer and now mounts with three M3 screws with lock nuts.
  3. New rear brace receives an additional mounting hole (two instead of one) to help minimize flex.
  4. The whole unit sits lower in the rear which in turn drops the front wheels down for a lower angle on wheelies.


This listing comes with the following for the Traxxas X-Maxx

  1. One TBR Rear Bumper Support (RBS) -R011
  2. Two TBR Shims - H098
  3. One TBR Custom BOR (Bolt-On Rear) - R012
  4. One TBR Rear Brace - R013
  5. One TBR Wheelie Bar - Y156

Product color examples:


YouTube Mounting Instructions


Customer Reviews

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Awesome wheelie bar

Bolts right up adds a lot of strength and flex’s great too a lot wider than stock

Very strong!

This thing takes a beating and doesn't break. I've done numerous cartwheels and both the wheelie bar and the front bumper from T-Bone racing handle it with no problem. If you get the full under armor for your X-Maxx you will notice a weight difference but I have yet to have any of the 4 suspension arm's break after installing. I had broken 3 prior over 3 different runs. I've since done 4 more and I've only broken the stock rear bumper mount. Really seems to protect the stock parts from breaking.


Great product and well made. It's a nice addition to my vehicle.

wheelie bar

works great , very nice material.

Much needed

This should be much better then the stock wheelie bar. I'm using the stock wheelie brace as an extra brace to stiffen this up. Again if you have the rpm rear brace you'll have to Dremel out a slot to fit the T-bone mid brace.

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