62178 - XV4 Front Bumper - Traxxas UDR Unlimited Desert Racer


The wait is over and the XV4 Front bumper for the Traxxas UDR is here! 

The classic XV4 Scale design adds great looks and the ultimate protection for your UDR, Couple that with our lifetime warranty and you have a winning combo for your Traxxas bashing machine!

This listing comes with the following for the Traxxas X-Maxx:

  • One TBR XV4 Front Bolt on Bumper 
  • One TBR Front Bumper Support (FBS) 
  • Two TBR XV4 Rods 
  • One TBR Front Brace
  • One TBR Front Shim
  • One TBR Front Brace Block 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product color examples:



To mount the 62178:

1. Remove the stock front bumper and stock front brace.
2. Attach the front bumper and the front skid together using the M3x10 screws and locknuts.
3. Mount the block and brace to the bulkhead.
4. Place the shim on the chassis (as pictured)
5. Mount the bumper to the chassis using the stock screws in the two rear holes and the supplied M4 screws in the two front mounting holes.
6. Mount the bumper to the brace by placing the remaining M3 screws through the bumper, then place the white spacers onto the screws, put the screws through the brace and use the remaining locknuts to secure the bumper and brace together. 

Block and Brace mounted to the bulkhead with the spacers.

Stock bumper removed and TBR brace and block installed.

Shim in place
Bumper and shim in place and ready for screws.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Products

Bomb-proof gear. And in the off chance you manage to break something, Customer Service is AWESOME.

We have 2 Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racers, so got front bumper, rear diff guard, and rear skid x2. Perfect fit and flawless protection. I managed to snap a component of the front bumper and was pleased to find the warrantee 100% honored, and FAST.

Great product, great company. An once of protection... worth every penny.

Product's Rock

Great product I do a lot of bashing and it holds up great. Not surprising I got T-Bone racing guards on most of my RC's. These products take a licking and keep on ticking. I got them on everything from my 1/18 scale all the way to my 1/5 scale.