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TBR Chassis Skid & Servo Covers - Traxxas 2.0 E-Revo - 62185

SKU 62185
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Our new full chassis skid for the updated 2.0 E-Revo gives your car the best chassis protection and a smooth surface on the underside to be less prone to being snagged by twigs, branches, etc
We have added two servo covers to complete the kit. 
This listing comes with the following for Traxxas 2.0 ERevo:
  • One TBR Chassis Skid.
  • 2 TBR Servo Covers (Left and Right)
  • 2 TBR Servo Cover Mounting Blocks
Note: Does not fit on the 1/10 1.0 E-Revo

Product color examples:


Mounting notes:

  1. Mount servo covers with wide ends toward front and pointing in. Leave loose until Chassis Skid is installed.
  2. Remove stock screws where new standoffs will be located.
  3. Thread new standoffs into chassis ( the ones with the longest threads go toward the rear of the car). Tighten.
  4. Place Chassis Skid over chassis being careful to place front under stock cover.
  5. Next thread the shorter M4 screws toward the rear and the longer ones toward the front. Tighten.
  6. Next line up the servo covers so that they mesh with the chassis and tighten.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Traxxas Revo 2.0 Chassis Skid Plate

Fitment was alright but design with the standoffs were horrible, first time I bashed they were stripped and collected dirt and sand under the plate.

nathon thomsen
Excellent fitment

The fitment is very good and tough.

Not the best design

Parts of it kind of “flap” around. I also run the a-arm skids and had to modify this chassis plate as it would bind with the a-arm skids. A bit heavy. Would not buy this again.

Armond Ohan
Quality part but overkill

I like it as it adds a layer of protection. But in reality it’s overkill and extra weight for no reason.

Unless you are jumping 30 feet in the air and landing the underside on a pole. You don’t really need it.

I wish there was a smaller version of this that simply stopped small rocks from entering the driveline.

Kori Liebregts
Does what it’s supposed to do

This piece offers a ton of protection over the stock chassis. Protects the steering servos and links too which is great. It doesn’t bolt on the front of the chassis which gives it a flimsy feel. This makes me feel like it will become a problem in the future. I would rate higher if this wasn’t the case.