62191 - TBR ST Wheelie Bar Set - Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL


The T-Bone wheelie bar is a popular request for the Rustler 4x4. We've combined a Rear bumper design with our 1/10 ST wheelie bar. This combo will give you much needed strength and protection in the back of the car, as well as enabling you to do epic wheelies to your hearts content! It is machined out of our extremely tough nylon It connects to existing stock brace for added strength.



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I've been looking for a good rear bumper for the Slash for sometime now. I've bought and tested every single one I could find and they were all garbage... until I bolted this one to my car. The TBR wheelie bar is flat out amazing! It is a perfect fit for the car; can withstand huge rear end landings/collisions, protects the body where the factory bar would just aid in its destruction, tucks in tighter than the factory bar, and even manages to control the occasional wheelie- imagine that! The only downside I can see is for TBR... with parts like these, who needs to order replacements? lol

Keep up the great work!

Great protection

I love it, I cut the wheels bar off to give the original bumper room. And its just a tank now

Excellent Basher Bumper but Wheelie bar is useless

Love most T-Bone Products but this one has some flaws .. the Wheels are completely to far up to be useful and after just a few runs the ball bearing cover for the wheels came out and cause the wheels to seize . I removed the wheels and use it as a very successful bumper the actual bumper works better as a wheelie bar scraping the ground


Just Perfect !


My only complaint is that the wheelie bar could be a little more back towards the ground. Otherwise my car got ran over by a car and still the bumpers came out just fine and I believe saved a lot, reason for my review... car was going 50mph when my car bounced into the road, happy the guy was cool about it