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Maxximus Front Bumper - Traxxas X-Maxx - 62197

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The Maxximus Front Bumper is one of the biggest bumpers we manufacture. It is a 5 piece absolute UNIT of a bumper, providing your X-MAXX with much needed protection.

Add this piece of Armor to your car and bash with T-Bone Racing backed confidence!

This listing comes with the following for the Traxxas X-Maxx:

  • One TBR Maxximus Bumper 
  • One TBR Front Bumper Support (FBS)
  • One TBR Shadow
  • One TBR Upper Brace
  • One TBR Lower Brace 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kenan Senter
Looks great, broke on first bash

Not sure if this will happen to you, but my bumper absolutely ripped in half at the thickest part. I think I landed nose down, on pavement albeit, but not from a huge jump either.

Emailed customer support, they said it was under warranty and to send an image so they could see what was broken for a replacement part. I sent the image below, and they ghosted me and never responded to my follow up emails. I have bought many t-bone products for many cars, but I'm dissapointed by customer service and the durability. At the end of the day, stock prevails again(except for looks, 2 stars just cuz it's beautiful)


Great must have for real basher action
I would buy it again
Had not to cut nothing, a short installation instruction would be great but the video on T-bone explains more than a instructions

Joshua Cox
Awesome looking bumper If your x-maxx sits on the shelf!

I had high hopes for this bumper but unfortunately it doesn't really fit correctly and after just a couple jumps it pulls the mounting screws out of the front bulkhead. I have tried everything to try and make it fit correctly but I am on the hunt for a better bumper😩

Raymond Rampersaud


Michael Peterson
Awkward fitment, bad video. You have to modify stock part fitment and cut brace to fit.

Seems like I have to flip the stock bumper brace upside down to get it to reach, and even then the holes don't really line up (do I really have to cut it?? Why not make bumper 4mm wider to fit?).
The dude in the video flies through the install way too fast and skips steps that another 3 seconds of video would be useful to see.
Seems like he also flipped the stock brace upside down and cut its center bar which is what it seems you'd have to do to get it to line up... but none of that is mentioned in the video or webpage.
T-Bone, come on... I know you've probably installed 100 of these by the time you release the part but before you write up the description or make video, take a step back and re-imagine the install process from the point of view of someone who is doing it for the first time.
The new bumper is probably tough enough to handle the adjustments (cutting and flipping brace), my main complaint is with the crap instructions and video.