87050 - TBR Basher Front / CB / Rear Bumper set - HPI Mini Recon

The Basher front and Chassis Skid Rear Bumper mount to the bottom of the HPI Mini Recon using 2 Delrin Blocks on either end of the car.
The Delrin blocks mount in the same holes as the stock front and rear bumpers, meaning that you have to take the front and rear bumper off mount the Chassis Skid. Once the Chassis skid is installed you may reinstall the stock bumpers over the Delrin blocks.
Pictures above have the front and rear stock bumpers mounted to the car.
The Chassis Skid Rear can mount with or without the Front Bumper. See pictures: both ways are shown
This listing comes with the following for HPI Mini Recon:
One TBR Basher front bumper - MPN D081
One TBR Chassis Brace Rear Bumper - MPN H068
Two Delrin Blocks - MPN Y031x2
Lifetime warranty
Note: Items are not stocked. We manufacture after order has been placed.